Reflections of the Pecha Kucha.

The Pecha Kucha slide project sounded interesting.  A slide presentation without filler and with a time restraint, sounds neat.  Then as I was preparing for it, I realized how much I ad lib in my speeches.  Being an actor in theater since I was 14, made me very quick on the fly and really helps with public speaking.  This assignment I thought would be a lot harder since there was a time restraint.

The theme of anonymity wasn’t too complicated but being able to set up my topics without sounding like a tool was kind of hard.  I feel that I did a decent job.  I did get to use my ad lib skills when the slide didn’t change at the right time for me which made me feel comfortable.


IWA pic2

I put this picture in my Pecha Kucha since I thought it would add some humor. I just think the kid looks excited and happy; I wanted to end with a picture that would make people laugh.



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