Man the Machine

Today, a machine could probably take over anyone’s job. There are machines that can operate vehicles, machines that can perform surgery, and even machines that can solve homework problems. One of the most basic yet complex machines today would be the computer. If I had to guess, I would say only 25% of the people who own computers utilize them to their fullest ability  I know that there are multiple programs on my computer that I have not even opened nor do I know how to locate them and even work them. People pay tons and tons of money for a computer. They always want the best of the best. But why? They most likely are not going to learn how to use every single program. If they are only going to use it for what they need, they could get away with a very inexpensive computer. But for some reason, people don’t do that.

ImageHaving top of the line gadgets may be important to some people. Hey, if you have the money, why not spend it, right? But even those people aren’t going to fully use their computer. The main reason why people even have a computer is for work reasons or for entertainment reasons, and usually, there are separate computers for work and entertainment. The work computer needs a few programs, maybe like Microsoft Office and such. The entertainment computer only really needs Internet access. I believe that if every person used his or her computer to its fullest ability, we would not know what to do with ourselves.

With all of the technological gadgets we have today, our brains hardly need any room for memory. We have multiple machines that do that work for us. With all of the extra space in our brain, we can now focus on what is important or the task that is at hand. This may cause a positive change in our daily lives.