Man or Machine? Take your pick

I would like to start off by stating Vannevar Bush was way ahead of his time.  While reading the first part of his looooooong essay, he stated things that are current for our times.  Now the thing that is very weird is that he wrote this essay in 1945.  I’ll say it again 1945!!! The ideas, and things he notices are not only still going on in the present but he predicted how machines were going to help excel the lives of human beings.  For example, Bush wonders about “dry photography” and if it is possible, in our day and age it is possible and it happens everywhere.  He also thinks that seeing the picture before it is developed would be greatly beneficial.  Now with digital photography we can do just that.  Actual camera film is a dated technology and is rarely used anymore.  Nearly everyone uses digital means to take photographs and proceeds to post them to their facebook or twitter respectively.

The advances of technology are astounding, the way that movies are made, pictures developed, and books reprinted are almost all digital.  The computer is making things much easier to find, use, and create.  It is astounding how advanced we have become in the past 60+ years.