John Green!

John Green is more than just a writer of young adult fiction. In addition to having written many award winning and New York Times Bestselling novels such as Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, Will Grayson Will Grayson (co-written with David Levithan), and The Fault in Our Stars (which is currently in the process of being turned into a major motion picture!), he is also a prominent figure in the vlogging community, a philanthropist, and a father to one of the most adorable children I’ve ever seen. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing John Green in person at Vidcon 2012 (a convention started by John and his brother Hank for vloggers/online video makers and their enthusiasts), and I can tell you firsthand, he is every bit as amazing in person as he is online.

I’ve been a fan of John Green since 2007, when I stumbled across the vlog channel he has with his brother by mistake. I was so interested in this man who was so down to earth and weird just like me, but who was also a famous and award winning author. It gave me hope that one day, even an awkward and weird girl like me could become famous in the writing field. I read all of his books, and even wanted to meet him so much that I spent an entire year raising over $2,000 (without a job) so I could fly to California and attend Vidcon in 2012 with one of my friends who felt the same love for him.

John Green’s twitter, though only following 472 people, has almost 1.5 million followers. Among the people John follows are other young adult authors (such as Stephen Chbosky and Judy Blume), News Twitters (such as the New York Times and The Boston Globe), other prominent vloggers (such as iJustine and Hayley G Hoover) and various celebrities (such as Kanye West, Felicia Day, Chris Colfer, and Aziz Ansari). This shows that John is heavily connected to those in the various fields he is a part of. He also follows news twitters, showing that he has an interest in the things going on in the world and wants to find out the news directly from the reputable sources. He follows celebrities, like most twitter users do, to gain insight into their lives and interact with them when needed.

John Green is not just my favorite author, but one of my favorite people as well. I recommend his twitter and other projects highly to those who are interested in writing, and also those who just want a little extra nerdy entertainment in their lives. If you’re interested, search out his books, check out his youtube channel, and follow his twitter and tumblr. Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!