Diving Into Marjan Glavac’s Twitter

Being new to Twitter, and wanting to expand my professional following base, I searched the web for elementary educators that tweet often. In doing so, I found Marjan Glavac– “a best selling motivational author, engaging speaker and elementary classroom teacher with over 29 years of teaching experience” (“The Busy Educator“). Glavac is now retired, but spends much of his time tweeting and blogging about teaching tips and ways to keep teachers motivated. After I followed him, Glavac even took the time to send me a tweet asking me if there is anything he could help me with! He MarjanPhoto-660x1024seems to be a very helpful resource.

Marjan Glavac is seen as a resourceful person to the educational world too, with over 1,000 tweets, and has in my opinion, a decent amount of followers (239 to be exact). While he only follows 20 twitter users, they all share a common interest– education. Even if I didn’t have Glavac’s extensive bio to go off of, I’d still be able to acknowledge his interest in education. Aside from the common educators, Glavac also follows technology advocates and writers. It is my guess that while Glavac enjoys both writing and technology, he realizes how important they are in today’s educational field.

Looking individually at some of the people he follows, 13 of the 20 are either educators or educational twitters. 4 of them tie their about me’s into the writing profession, and 3 claim to be technology geeks. Glavac retweets each of these people on occasion, especially when they pertain to you guessed it– education, technology or writing. Seeing these followers also tells me that Glavac is an avid member of the educational community, and wants to share his inspiration and findings with others in his professional field. He is extremely insightful and offers many articles that are of use to teachers. It is my hope to develop my twitter over time to be as impressive as his. After all, teachers learn through sharing ideas, and what better way to increase sharing than a social network!