Social Number

Imagine having a social media website where your identity remains completely anonymous, unless, of course, you share it? An up and coming social network called Social Number gives its users a number by which they are identified by. There is no name, no handle, and no thumbnail photo of yourself, just a number.This forces users to be completely anonymous when interacting with others. The mission of this website is to have people talk about everything and anything to each other, not knowing a thing about them; they’re complete strangers.

In January this past year, CNN did an article on the website named The social network where no one knows your name.This article takes its time to thoroughly explain the website and how it works. To sign up, you need to enter your “social number”, which has a ten character limit to the spaces available per number. You also need to enter a valid email address and your date of birth. The requirements for this website are fairly normal. Once you log into your account, the home page comes up. This is where users have posted discussions. These discussion reminded me of tweets. Some can be questions for others to answer, some can be feelings. The possibilities are endless. When you see a discussion that intrigues you, you click on that discussion and input your two cents.


Though my initial reactions to this website as that it was very creepy, after researching it a bit and reading up on it, it just reminds me of an anonymous version of Twitter and Facebook combined. For the people who want to stay completely anonymous, this is the social networking site for them!


Sneaky, Sneaky.

Online anonymity has skyrocketed. Over the last couple of years, keeping your online identity within seems to be the new thing? Why? Because people out there are scary. With the internet becoming more and more complex, there are people out there who know a lot more than your Average Joe. These Average Joe’s can be tricked into fraud. Believe it or not, it happens more times than not. Here are some steps to lay low when surfing the web.


1. Gain the Knowledge. The internet looks simple from the user’s viewpoint, but in reality the protocol to make something like the Internet happen is very, very complex. Every connection to the Internet has one thing in common. This is known as an IP Address. The data sent and received from your computer will always contain an IP Address of where it is going or where it came from. This IP Address can be traced back to you through help of your Internet provided. This means that if anything is done illegally, like stealing  music, your IP Address can be suspended and you will no longer have access to the web.

2. Know what has to be done. In order to gain online anonymity, a lot of things has to be completed. The most important thing is obfuscate your IP Address. That simply means to just hide it. Cookies must be removed frequently. Some people say to do it as frequently as once a week. Removing your cookies will just insure that there are no harmful files on your computer and make it so that your computer can run at optimal speed.

3. The Proxy. There are many ways to change your IP Address through different proxy servers. A server can be configured in your network settings. When you use an online proxy, your browser will send all data requests to the proxy, the proxy will route you to the destination and will send you back the data. This is invisible to the user because we only see the destination.

There are three ways to stay safe and secret online. We all know that it can sometimes be a scary place, but many good things has also come from the Internet as well. Overall, the most important thing to do online is to be safe, but taking even more precautions can only help the user out in the long run.