The Princess Herself, Meg Cabot

As a young adult/adult/children’s writer, Meg Cabot has my dream job. I know that I am an Elementary Education/ Writing Arts major, but being a well known author sounds much more appealing to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with children. But being paid to write stories on whatever I want seems like nothing!

My love for Meg Cabot began when I was in middle school. For Easter one year, The Princess Diaries trigly was in my Easter Basket. I had only heard of Meg Cabot here and there. I had never read anything by her, but was excited to get started.

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The Princess Diaries was the first book I read and understood the meaning “I can’t put the book down!” Reading Meg Cabot’s books were always simple. There was never any trouble and they all flowed so smoothly. One book lead to the next and soon enough the series was over. Luckily, Meg Cabot has other series, so i obviously got started on them.

By following Meg Cabot on Twitter, I learned that she is coming out with a new young adult series. Though some may think that I am too old for her series, I like to think differently. Having wrote two children’s book, 41 teen books, and ten adult books, Meg Cabot can cover many genres in her writing.

Meg Cabot is following over 100,000 people on Twitter. Analyzing and making assumptions about her the people she is following is quite difficult. I did come to the conclusion that she follows a lot of females who are in college. This could be a stragegy to find out more about this age group because they are between young adult and adult books, so maybe she is trying to reach out to females this age. I can also conclude that she follows a lot of mothers. By reading people’s mini bios on their Twitter pages have taught me about these complete strangers. Many of them say they are mothers.

By following over 100,000 people, it is safe to say that Meg Cabot has a variety on her Twitter feed. I am sure that when and if she does go through it, she has many different genres at her fingertips. Meg Cabot’s follower list is just about the same size as her following list. This shows that she must use her twitter a lot. Meg Cabot also has her own website. Here you can find much more information about her than what is on her Twitter. Part of her website is her own diary. This is her own version of a blog. She has personal posts and posts written by her characters. Be sure to follow Meg Cabot to get her latest updates on her career!


Diving Into Marjan Glavac’s Twitter

Being new to Twitter, and wanting to expand my professional following base, I searched the web for elementary educators that tweet often. In doing so, I found Marjan Glavac– “a best selling motivational author, engaging speaker and elementary classroom teacher with over 29 years of teaching experience” (“The Busy Educator“). Glavac is now retired, but spends much of his time tweeting and blogging about teaching tips and ways to keep teachers motivated. After I followed him, Glavac even took the time to send me a tweet asking me if there is anything he could help me with! He MarjanPhoto-660x1024seems to be a very helpful resource.

Marjan Glavac is seen as a resourceful person to the educational world too, with over 1,000 tweets, and has in my opinion, a decent amount of followers (239 to be exact). While he only follows 20 twitter users, they all share a common interest– education. Even if I didn’t have Glavac’s extensive bio to go off of, I’d still be able to acknowledge his interest in education. Aside from the common educators, Glavac also follows technology advocates and writers. It is my guess that while Glavac enjoys both writing and technology, he realizes how important they are in today’s educational field.

Looking individually at some of the people he follows, 13 of the 20 are either educators or educational twitters. 4 of them tie their about me’s into the writing profession, and 3 claim to be technology geeks. Glavac retweets each of these people on occasion, especially when they pertain to you guessed it– education, technology or writing. Seeing these followers also tells me that Glavac is an avid member of the educational community, and wants to share his inspiration and findings with others in his professional field. He is extremely insightful and offers many articles that are of use to teachers. It is my hope to develop my twitter over time to be as impressive as his. After all, teachers learn through sharing ideas, and what better way to increase sharing than a social network!

Is technology ruining the printed word?

There are those who say that today’s society is dependent upon technology. They say we’ve become “lazy”, or “mindless”, or that we’re “destroying our minds”. I however, believe the opposite. We’re enhancing our minds. We’re becoming more active. We’re thinking and wondering more about the world around us.

My youngest sister, who at the age of 8 has been using the internet casually for about 2 years now, is obsessed with the live webcam of Times Square in New York City. No one in my family is quite sure how she found it, but she can stare at it for hours. Sometimes she comes up with stories about the people on there, and she writes about them for school projects. Before discovering this camera, she had no interest in New York, let alone any desire to travel there. Now, it’s all she talks about. She’s found many other live webcams as well, such as the live Disneyworld cam, the live SeaWorld penguin cam, and the live San Francisco cam. She takes the experience of watching these live cameras and tells people she’s travelled all over the country and she’s seen a lot of things and met a lot of interesting people. Hasn’t she, in her own virtual way?

In this article by Jay David Bolter, the exact appeal of our technologies is discussed. He states that we crave immediacy. We want everything right now, and we can have it with the technology at our fingertips. He says that “the logic of immediacy dictates that the medium itself should disappear and leave us in the presence of the thing represented”. He wants to know why would we pay hundreds of dollars to go on a vacation when we can see the thing online? Which leads to the question, why would we buy physically printed books when we can download electronic copies for less money, even free in some instances?

Day 179/365- Kindle

Are e-readers a disgrace to the printed word?

Many people say the e-book is “destroying” the printed word. There are those, what I like to call, book snobs who have it in their heads that reading a book on an e-reader somehow takes away from the experience. As Bolter says in another article, “Both as authors and readers, we still regard books and journals as the place to locate our most prestigious texts”. I do not believe this to be true, in my personal experience. I believe that electronic books are just a way of having text reach more people. It’s the same text as a physical book, however many believe that because you can read it on a screen it’s somehow less intelligent of an experience. This is completely ludicrous. In this day and age, it’s widely known that digital text can usually reach more people than printed text. What baffles me to no end is why people who claim to be literature enthusiasts would complain about literature being able to reach more people?

Technology today is not ruining our lives, making us lazy, or rotting our brains. Technology is turning us into citizens of the earth, with easier means to explore and wonder about our world. Technology is reaching more and more people every day, connecting everyone together. Technology is a sharing an experience with everyone, and being able to reach people you didn’t even know existed before. Technology is enhancing us as learners, as readers, and as people.